Etegameno presents lucrative investment opportunities in Namibia

Etegameno presents lucrative investment opportunities in Namibia

Etegameno Investments offers three lucrative investment opportunities in Namibia that are expected to yield high returns. Harnessing Namibia’s rich natural resources, Etegameno presents an investment model that turns these abundant resources into wealth, mutually benefiting investors and the natives.

Ranked as number two by The World Travel and Tourism Council, Namibia has the distinction for experiencing the maximum long-term growth in the tourism economy after China. This will positively influence the Namibian Gross Domestic Product in the coming years. The Namibian people will also enjoy increased employment opportunities through growth in tourism.

The three investment opportunities available on Farm Tsumore are:

• The Farm Tsumore Game Lodge
• A Bush to Electricity Enterprise
• The Jatropha Plantation / Biodiesel Refinery

The Farm Tsumore Game Lodge

Farm Tsumore is spread over 4 433 hectares of flatland and hills around the beautiful Lake Otjikoto. Conveniently located just seven kilometers from Tsumeb and 118 kilometers north-east of the Etosha pan, Farm Tsumore has plenty of water and receives its power from NamPower.

The location of the proposed Tsumore Game Lodge is gifted with picturesque natural beauty, abundant game and wild life and rich biodiversity making it a much sought after ecotourism destination for nature lovers.

Attractions include the Etosha National Park, historic local mining towns, safaris, scuba-diving tours, the world’s largest meteorite, Hoba, camping, hiking, and much more. A luxurious African safari lifestyle in a serene yet exciting setting awaits investors!

Jatropha Biodiesel

The oil-rich Jatropha plant grows on Farm Tsumore. Etegameno plans to leverage the Jatropha plant as a precious source of biodiesel, reducing the carbon footprint. Compared to fossil fuels, the processing of the Jatropha plant for biodiesel is much more cost-efficient and releases only one fifth the emissions. The processing of Jatropha oil results in valuable by-products that include latex, fertilizer and feed for livestock.

On a global scale, Jatropha biodiesel will have a major impact as there will be a huge demand for environmentally friendly fuel because of the increasing threat of global warming. The cost of Jatropha biodiesel is around US per 200L barrel. With the production of Jatropha biodiesel, Etegameno will ensure that Namibia’s expenditure on oil imports is drastically reduced. For investors, money invested in the cultivation of Jatropha plants and commercial production of Jatropha biodiesel means extremely profitable returns. The demand for fuel alternatives will always be on the rise and with fossil fuels depleting at an alarming rate, the production of Jatropha biodiesel will help in a big way. Find out more about this investment opportunity.


The bush-to-electricity investment opportunity is an innovative investment opportunity for the investor’s portfolio in the form of high returns. The invader bush on Farm Tsumore and surrounding farms, which was viewed as a problem for farmers and livestock is now a lucrative investment option. More than ten million hectares of bush will be converted into an economical electricity generating project that will benefit the natives by generating employment and steady income. The electricity produced will power the area on a long-term basis.

Namibia, among other South African Development Countries, is presently experiencing an electricity shortage that can be fulfilled by renewable energy technologies such as wood gasification. In the bush-to-electricity process, the wood for electric plants will come from the bush. The land thus reclaimed will be used to increase the production of livestock, farming, cultivating Jatropha crops, pasture for livestock and much more. Read more about the bush-to-electricity investment opportunity.

How investors can profit from Farm Tsumore

Investors have the option of investing in one or all three of Farm Tsumore’s investment opportunities and enjoy lucrative returns on investments from the high profit margins. Investors also gain a 40% ownership in the new company with controlling interests and future enhanced shareholding options. Farm Tsumore gives investors a chance to be part of Namibia’s national growth.

Etegameno Investments will manage the entire project from concept to completion and this includes preparing contracts, land leasing, new company registration, liaison with local authorities etc. As a joint venture partner with the new Namibian company, Etegameno will also oversee the day to day operations of the business. Etegameno invites investors to benefit from Farm Tsumore, contact us for more information.

Etegameno offers investors three lucrative investment opportunities in Namibia.

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