What is a ROI (Return of Investment)

Analyzing ROI, or Return on Investment, is one of the most important things that you can do to evaluate the consequences of a financial investment or decision. ROI analysis is used when deciding whether or not to invest in the stock market, bonds or any other financial decision, including starting a business. It is extremely important to know what the return of investment is, to determine whether or not the decision is sound. Learning how to do a proper ROI analysis can help you to determine whether or not you want to make the investment.


Return of Investment analysis takes many forms but most work by figuring out a ratio, or percentage to use. Anytime that a ROI is more than 0.00 for ration, or a percentage greater than zero percent on percentages that means that the investment will return more than it initially costs. This tiny number is often how financial experts come up with which investments to go with, and your financial adviser may recommend a certain investment simply because it offers a better ROI, even if it is only better by a very small ratio or percentage.


However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that while ROI is a great way to analyze investments, it does not tel you how risky the investment will be. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the return of investment ratio, because the ROI simply predicts what the investment will return if it performs as you think it will. There is still a risk of investing and that can be calculated differently. Other financial measuring tools such as Net Present Value and Internal ROR (rate of return) also do not calculate the risk.


Learning how to use ROI for investments is fairly simple if you can do some math. Basically, it is the return divided by the cost of the action, which is the simple way to do it. For instance, if you invested 0,000 into an advertising campaign that will probably bring in additional revenue of 0,000 then your simple ROI would be 1.8, or one and a 8/10 return on your investment. In percentages that would be 180% return on your investment. This is obviously a very good return, as it is almost 0,000 in profit from that advertising campaign.


Knowing the ROI of an investment does not mean that the investment is sound however. It is only part of the story. There are many financial metrics such as Net Present Value or NPV, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and payback period. Each one tells a different part of the story as well as the risk of the investment and several other factors. A professional investment consultant is needed to determine whether or not an investment is a good idea. Finding a qualified Fort Worth Financial Adviser is important to protect your money.

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