Compare Real Estate Investment to Other Business Investments in Kenya

Nothing compares to Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Kenya if you have enough money to engage in it. There are many business opportunist but so far property investment in Kenya brings back your capital with profits sooner compared to other businesses in Kenya..


For those who haven’t heard about it, real estate investment in Kenya has taken a positive trend compared to other businesses investments in Kenya.

No matter what, Real Estate Investment in Kenya is the best business you should put into account. Kenya has a best conducive environment for business and investment compare to other countries in East Africa and as the country grows, many people tend to leave rural life to urban life and for that reason, there is always a shortage of housing in every city and town in Kenya.

There are many business opportunities in Kenya but real estate investment out competes them all. On this article therefore, we bring you the advantage of investing in real estate in Kenya compared to other businesses.  There are many advantages of real estate investment compared to other investments in Kenya. For example, if you buy stocks from a stockist, you may aim to get profits when that stock appreciates. You may also have the dividends announced by the company in mind. If you invest in bonds, the interest   earnings from the bonds may be the aim with which you make the investment. But, in real estate investment, you get more number of advantages.

Let us have a look.

- Every investor wants his cash back as quick as possible and for that matter, real estate investment in Kenya gives the quickest money garant.  After investing your money, the first income you may get from making an investment in a property is the rental income.  Some investor are luck and get good locality like city centers, near universities which can he rented by colleges as hostels. Here your rental income will be quite substantial and the profits will be quicker.


You can also have a good control over your cash flow if you invest in properties in Kenya that fetch you rental incomes month after month. If you go through the statistics, rental incomes have always been much greater than the dividend incomes you get by investing in stocks. Of course, in stocks, if you are extremely lucky, a sudden surge in the value of your stocks may get you good returns if you sell the stocks at the most opportune time.

If you are keen enough, you may have observed that the real estate investments in Kenya appreciate to a reasonable extent over a period, in every 3 years, the rental dues doubles depending on the area in which your property is situated. If the property is situated in a developing area like Nairobi and Mombasa where many projects are coming up, the appreciation will be quite high.

Another reason why you should invest in Real Estate is that Rental income will act as a good protection against inflation. Even if inflationary trends prevail, when you get rental income from your real estate investment, it will act as a cushion because your mortgage payment will not undergo a change due to inflation.

You know property investment or real estate investment appreciates over and over again and as you keep paying off your mortgage amounts, the equity value of your real estate investment will be increasing. This can be utilized by taking a loan equivalent to the equity value of the property. Any financial institution or bank will be ready to extend loans to you.

For your information, if you blessed enough to get a property in a good locality like Nairobi and Mombasa at a good price, may be less than market value, you can make good money out of it. There are some people who buy properties at lower prices and flip them within a short time of about six months to make good profits. This business is highly lucrative but you need to tread with caution if you want to do it. You must choose the properties that are certain to appreciate and further, the properties must have a clear title. If you patiently search, you are sure to clinch such deals.

Notwithstanding some small loopholes like property investment scammers, a real estate investment in Kenya is one of the wisest investments that can get you many advantages on the financial front.

Twinomugisha Charles is a writer who enjoys sharing his knowledge on various topics about Uganda Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. More of his articles can be found at Kenya Investment and Business Guide and at  uganda-land.html“>Uganda Land and Business Opportunities

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