Investment Risk

Risk is something that applies to all things, not least in terms of investment. And we also know, not forever we will be lucky, we never would have suffered losses. Therefore, for that would make an investment should have to know first what are the risks of investment.

From the experiences of people who like to invest, there are 3 things that they fear, namely:

Difficult investment goods sold
One reason for investment goods difficult to sell, because the goods are very specific, such as painting. But once sold, the price can be very high and provide benefits for those who sell them. So before making an investment in kind, learn first how easy it can be sold again.

The fall in value of investments
This is one of the most feared risk investment, so that before investing you should learn first how the risk of impairment of its investment. Because the decline in value investing is highly variable, can be 10%, 20%, 50% or maybe 100%.

Investment returns are not comparable with rising prices
It often happens that the result of an investment such as deposits less than the price hike, so in this case you can say do not make a profit. To prevent that, it helps you learn first about the benefits you will get.


For those who are interested in investing in gold, is a good idea to read the continuation of this article.

In an economic crisis that could endanger the State economy, most people will buy gold, of course, the people who have money. Things like this prove the belief many people that gold is an investment product that can be used to tackle inflation. Because if there is inflation then gold prices will rise more than inflation, will fall again if inflation successfully overcome. Here we can see the importance of investing in gold.

Currently, the gold that can be used as an investment available in several options and the best known is the gold jewelry, gold bars and gold coins. Please note also, that investment in gold would be advantageous if the investment is long term investment. This is from the fact, that after investing gold in the long term, at the time of sale will be very beneficial.

So, it is not advisable to invest gold in the short term. Because if you sell, there is a chance the store would not take your gold, even if they want then the price will be lower than when you buy gold for investment.

One more thing, if you invest in gold, it’s better that 24 carat gold. Because if you sell the price will be much higher than if you invest in gold below 24 carat.

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